Our Sculpture Trail


mermaid in the creek on the sculpture trailOn our five acres of privately owned Daintree rain forest we have a sculpture trail for you to explore.

Years of creativity and hard labour of your accommodation host has gone in to this unique art project.

Relax in the rain forest


sit and relax on the sculpture trail

Take your time to explore this sculpture trail, there are numerous seats scattered around the rainforest where you can sit and relax and take in the beauty of this ancient jungle and all its mysterious sounds.

Forest bathing


daintree sculpture trail buddha statue

The Japanese have known about the benefits of forest bathing for many years, and have even gathered scientific evidence that spending time in a forest and really slowing your mind down has enormous health benefits.

Meet a cassowary


cassowaries on the Daintree sculpture trail

While you are exploring our sculpture trail, there is a chance you will meet one of the cassowaries that frequent this area. They often find it more convenient to follow our trails than go straight through the bush, and come to drink from the water features.